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About Us

Colep, with headquarters in Europe, and the One Asia Network – established between Daizo Corporation Japan, Pax Australia and Wonder Products India – have created a global supply network, through their Manufacturing and Technology Agreement, which will cover the whole of our respective organisations and thereby give supply coverage from Australia, Japan, China, Thailand, India, Poland, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Brazil, Mexico, the United Arab Emirates and the United Kingdom.

This agreement, which does not involve any cross shareholding participation, comes as a result of both the encouragement of our customers, and the ever pressing need to drive global innovation, that can be effectively transferred around the world, with ease and efficiency… delivering superior value to our customers.

We will work together to bring our considerable expertise, knowledge and leverage to our worldwide customer base, by creating a truly global network to serve our ever changing customer demands and environments.

“An unrivalled proximity to a global market
within the aerosol filling world...”